Tess Hood sang and played percussion with a number of Rock and R&B bands including the Reading based Rock band ‘White LIght.’ Tess wrote her first single ‘ My Jealousy’ in the eighties and Progressive Rock band Tantalus have covered the song ‘Better Promise’ written by Tess on their album ‘Jubal.’

Tess, a single mum since 1997, is now based in Newbury and has three children. The children in many ways have been an inspiration to Tess to keep writing music.

“ It took over ten years to complete the album ‘ From Broken to Bethany,’ Many of the songs are based on my own experiences of childhood through to adult relationships and then parenting.”

Tess, a committed Christian would like to reiterate that the album is not a compilation of Christian material but in fact secular music that describes the true and often painful aspects of life. Despite the subjects of despair the album eventually leads the listener to a sense of hope, redemption and a future.

“There is a real mixture of musical styles on the album, Rock, Reggae, Ballads, Melodic and Folk Rock, like life, there is nothing straight forward about this album.”

Tess has released the album under her own record label ‘Jubilee Records.”

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