Lament For The Fathers

Lament For The Fathers……….Fathers For Justice

Some of what you are about to read is probably quite controversial but my opinion is based on my personal experiences.

The song “Lament for the Fathers” on my album is the heart cry of a child longing to be with their father.

Some years ago I saw a meeting for Fathers for Justice advertised in my local paper and I felt very strongly that I should attend. I entered the meeting at the back of a local pub, (feeling very nervous.) There were quite a mixture of men there from all walks of life and a few women, which surprised me. Many subjects were discussed at the meeting.
I saw quite a few men breaking down in tears, not just because of lack of contact with their children, but because quite a few of the men had been assessed by the Child Support Agency and were left living on very little. Not only had these men lost contact with their children, a lot of the men had lost any sense of dignity too. It is right that children should be provided for, but some of the stories I heard seemed very unfair and to add insult to injury some of the men had given up trying to contact their children because they could no longer afford legal proceedings.

As the meeting was drawing to a close, the main speaker, (Mike) suddenly pointed at me and said, “I am very curious, why are you here? “ I was a bit taken aback, but decided to tell a bit of my story and express my very strong feelings about my local community. I went on to explain about the lack of fathers on my estate and the problems that were happening with fatherless teenagers. In my opinion it is obvious that this has become a nationwide problem and lack of family stability is a major contributor to the problems we are witnessing.

After the meeting I met with Mike on a few occasions to find out more about their cause and to explain about my song Lament for the Fathers. I don’t think Mike will mind me saying that when he heard the song it touched him very deeply. He also sent the song to a friend in America who emailed Mike to say that he could not stop crying after he had heard it and he kept playing the song over and over again. At the time of my meetings with Mike, we generated some interest from the local press and radio expressing our concerns at the lack of good male role models in children’s lives and the consequences of that. Since that time Fathers for Justice as known disbanded because of a difference of opinions between the militant and more peaceful protesters. I would like to add here that I am not an advocate for militancy and tactics that are meant to frighten or intimidate, but I do understand the deep resentment that must exist in this group who are trying to be heard. I have heard that F4J have now re-formed as The Real Fathers for Justice without the militant faction. My hope is that my song Lament for the Fathers will become part of their peaceful protest along with the other voice that is often not heard, the child’s.

Food For Thought!

“We can see in this nation the effect of the lack of fathers.”

“A story comes from South Africa in ‘The cry for spiritual fathers and mothers’ by Larry Kreider, which tells of a new game park being established which didn’t have the ‘Big Five’ game species so new animals were introduced to the park. It was felt that it would be sufficient to bring in only younger elephants, ones that were mature enough to be separated from parents and look after themselves, but after a while they noticed that rhinos were being killed. There was no evidence that they were being killed by humans so they set up cameras and found two young male elephants harassing a rhino. They concluded that the problem was latent male aggression, a lack of fathers. They introduced 2-3 fathers and the killing stopped.”*

“We see this mirrored in human communities where parenting is less available. God as the father is wanting to restore fatherhood to communities everywhere. Social progress will not replace the need for parenting.” (Stephen Herzig) 2004 (Paraphrased).

* = Larry Kreider, The Cry for Spiritual Fathers and Mothers, (Lititz, PA: House to House Publications). Used by permission.

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