Jubilee Records

If you visit my website for Jubilee Records you will find the biblical history and meaning of the word Jubilee.

When I was trying to decide what name to have for the record label I felt the Lord say that it should be called Jubilee Records. I knew that the name Jubilee represented being set free after years of slavery, but I became very excited when I researched the original Jubilee Records that was founded in New York City in 1946.

Herb Abramson and Jerry Blaine founded the original Jubilee Label and specialized in Rhythm & Blues. The Jubilee Records of New York City was the first label to reach the white market with a black vocal group.

The Orioles reached the top 20 with the song “Crying In The Chapel” in 1953 which was later covered by Elvis Presley. I believe it to be very symbolic that a record label with the name Jubilee which represents freedom should be the label that thankfully released the gifts and talents of black vocals into the public domain.

The original Jubilee Records eventually folded in 1970 and was taken over by Roulette Records.

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