From Broken To Bethany

Why From Broken To Bethany?

Although I have a song on the Album entitled ‘Bethany,’ the title of the album is not a reference to the girl’s name.

The album is a description of a journey through life, of suffering, heartache and finally brokenness. That however is not the end of the story. Eventually the journey ends in a place of peace and really finding the heart of Christ. The name Bethany is also often associated with a place of refuge, recovery and peace. In actual fact the real town of Bethany is very close to Jerusalem.

Bethany was the place where Jesus often stayed with his friends. It was also the home of Lazarus, Martha and Mary of Bethany. This particular Mary was reported to have been the woman who poured oil over the feet of Jesus and wiped the oil away with her hair. It has also been reported that she was originally a prostitute and that Jesus had challenged those that judged her and forgave Mary. She was forgiven much and so loved much. Mary was also the first person that Jesus appeared to after his resurrection on Easter Day.

I have always thought how beautiful it is that Jesus chose the woman, who in the eyes of the world had been a disgrace, that he showed so much compassion and love to.

Somewhere inside me I have often felt an association with this Mary. I realize that I made many of the mistakes that Mary made and led a bit of a wild life thinking I was happy, but not realizing I was just hiding from buried pain and finding love and satisfaction from destructive things. I thought I would never be forgiven for my ‘sins’, and thought God was cold, unapproachable and had no love for me. If I am honest, I even went through a stage of really resenting God for the things that had happened in my life and the life of my family.

It has been a long walk of discovery, finding the true character of the Lord Jesus Christ. I had spent years building a great wall of protection around my heart, refusing to let it be broken again. Thankfully, the Lord has been gently dismantling my self-enforced prison and restoring me to a place of peace.

There is an amazing book entitled ‘He Loves Me’ by Wayne Jacobsen. The book really tackles the misconceptions about God and the relationship He really wants with us as His children.

I am still learning more every day as I walk in faith, but this I know, like Mary of Bethany I am forgiven all my mistakes, today and every day because of my belief that Jesus the son of God died on the cross for me.

I also strongly recommend an article about Bethany entitled: BETHANY: The House of Revival By David Smithers, it is a wonderful description of the town of Bethany and the time Jesus spent there. Visit:

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